Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy, Healthy Kids

My first adjustment was given to me by my dad minutes after birth. I grew up having adjustments weekly and having an understanding of whole body health based on Chiropractic. Even with a life filled with Chiropractic, it wasn't until I became pregnant that I truly opened my eyes to the benefits of chiropractic for my myself and my new baby. Dr. Aaron Wiegand adjusted me throughout both my pregnancies. I don't know how I would have made it through the low back pain without him!

I knew I wanted my baby to be as healthy and subluxation free when born and chose a Midwife and Home-Birth to help in my decision. My son, Henry received his first adjustment at two months old and now at 2 years old runs to the table laying face up ready for Dr. Wiegand's adjustment. I remember my mom telling me when I learned to walk I fell 100 times in one day. I tell that story and the many stories of Henry when people ask me why a child could possibly need an adjustment. Children get subluxated all the time, Henry now a skilled runner still falls whether it's slipping while wearing socks or trying new things on a jungle gym, these little and sometimes big falls can cause subluxation. I have seen Dr. Wiegand's adjustments help Henry's body heal from ailments including constipation, fevers, coughs, and minor colds.

I believe that the treatment my family has received from Dr. Wiegand has greatly impacted our health. Henry(2 yrs.), Eleanor(8 months), and I continue care at Walk-In Chiropractic because we never know when a little trip and fall will subluxate us.

Jessica Stratton
Mom of Henry and Eleanor

12 Year Old’s Headaches Finally Relieved

"Our 12 -year-old daughter was having headaches almost daily. We took her to her pediatrician hoping to find out why. We were given prescriptions for allergy pills and nasal sprays that did nothing to stop the headaches. We tried the ophthalmologist thinking it was possibly eyestrain, but the headaches persisted. She had been having headaches for almost a year at this point, and taking Tylenol often."

My husband was seeing Dr. Wiegand for chronic pain, and he suggested that we give chiropractic a try. I was a little intimidated by the idea of having a young child adjusted, but the possibility of having her feel better and be able to stop taking medication everyday won. Dr. Wiegand started adjusting her and after just a handful of visits she was completely headache free.

Thanks to Dr. Wiegand... We now have all 3 of our daughters, along with myself seeing Dr. Wiegand."

Busse Family

Relief from Low Back Pain After 10 Years of Pain

I have been bothered with lower back pain intermittently over the last ten years. I would go to chiropractors and have x-rays and exams done and after a few months of visits I'd be on my way until the next painful episode would occur. My family and I recently re-located to the Phoenix area from Idaho and after the big move my back was in dire need of some TLC.

I found Dr. Wiegand and feel that he has given me and my family the best chiropractic care available. For example, after he reviewed my x-rays he told me that one of my legs was longer than the other. Not one of my previous chiropractors had ever mentioned that to me before. Dr. Wiegand supplied me with a heel lift to wear in my shoe and it has made a noticeable difference in how I stand, walk and run.

Having young children can make it drudgery to go to appointments and be in public. Dr. Wiegand and his assistant Stephanie help make appointment with kids in tow go smoothly. They are always easy to work with and accommodating of my family's needs. I highly recommend Dr. Wiegand to anybody considering chiropractic care.

Danielle Groat

Everyone Notices His Straighter Posture

I have never written a testimonial before but, I am compelled to write one about Walk-In Chiropractic owned and operated by Dr. Wiegand. I have an autoimmune disorder called Ankylosing Spondylitis; a condition left untreated fuses the spine together. Dr. Wiegand treats the patient as a patient and not as another appointment. I was out of work but I knew I had to do something about my condition before it fused my spine completely. After discussing my financial and physical situation Dr. Wiegand quickly stated that, he will do whatever it takes to get me the treatment I desperately needed. So we worked out an affordable plan and began treatment. As stated about my condition there is no textbook stating what to do, so Dr. Wiegand has developed a series of routines that has developed more movement and straighter posture than I had before. My friends have even complimented me on my straighter posture. So if you want to be treated like a patient and not an appointment call Dr. Wiegand and let him ease your panes.

Greg Pung

Son’s Leg Growing at Abnormal Angle Straightened After Chiropractic Care

When my son Jordan and I started to visit Walk-In Chiropractic regularly for adjustments Jordan crawled with one foot and one knee; because of crawling this way his one foot developed at an angle and was making it difficult for him to learn to walk. After a few adjustments by Dr. Wiegand and a few sessions on the power plate machine Jordan started to walk and has now quickly progressed to running. I thanks Walk-In Chirporactic for helping my son learn to walk in the correct way and for keeping him aligned and feeling great, of course the feeling great goes for me as well!

Karli Moreno

Back Injury Pain Relief Finally Achieved

My name is Lissette Beltran. Last September I was at a store when a wall luggage fixture came down onto my back. The Pain was unbearable. I visited an orthopedist for 4 months. I had pain block injections many times but nothing helped, my pain was there at all times.

Through a computer search I found Dr. Aaron Wiegand at Walk-In Chiropractic. I always thought chiropractors were a scam, but when you're in pain you're willing to try everything. The first month the pain was still there but the second month I felt an incredible relief of my pain...I'm only on my third month and I can truly say I'm a new woman. I still have more therapy to come but now I know I'm on the right path, thank you.

Lisette Beltran

For the past 28 years of my 32 year old life I have been physically destroying my body in various ways, all in the name of fun. The result is not only numerous scars but a spine that would give The Riddler a brain hemorrhage.

So, I went to see the folks at Walk-In Chiropractic. A few x-rays and multiple snaps and pops later I feel that I can continue to destroy my body for another 28 years. Against medical advice I'm sure.

Now this having been my first chiropractic experience ever, I had no clue as to what was involved and added to that was the fact that I've seen Steven Seagal snap peoples necks and kill them. You could say I was a tad anxious, mostly because my neck is model material and that whole living thing. Dr. Wiegand assured me he would not do this and since I am writing this, it is proof to you, the reader, that he not only kept his word, but that my neck is in fact, still available for photos.

Dr Wiegand and his crew of misfits* make for a pleasant environment and take the time to explain the various forms of torture they inflict upon you. These explanations were available on both high and laymen levels, which was a nice touch.
All the tools to mend you, chiropractically ( is that a word? Who knows! I sure don't, if it isn't I better get intellectual credit for its creation) speaking, are on hand and Dr Wiegand will, for lack of a better pun, set you straight.

I have recommended a few people to Dr Wiegand and Co. already and will continue to do so for as long as I am physically capable of doing so.

Oh and the massage chairs are ridiculous.

* This is just a little pet name and not to be confused with the band or a group of hooligans.

Matt Anderson

Years of Shoulder and Neck Pain Relieved After Chiropractic Care

I love the energy in the office! Each visit is the ideal combination of solid chiropractic procedures, progressive techniques, engaging conversation that encourages you take a deeper look at your overall health and wellness views, and a laugh or two along the way. I am now getting relief from neck and shoulder pain that has progressed over the years. We tend to overlook pain that comes on gradually, but once you begin to experience what it feels like to not have that persistent ache and stiffness, you realize you should have started down this path of healing a lot sooner!

Michelle Porter

Scoliosis Pain Relief After Chiropractic Care

For years I suffered from chronic back pain. At 27, I was diagnosed with scoliosis... something I was totally unprepared for. All these years I attributed the back pain to being a little over weight, horseback riding injuries, or even a poor mattress but never did I think that a "crooked" back was really the culprit.

I'd been to another chiropractor who did what I would consider a traditional adjustment. In and out in 5 minutes with no true goals in mind for my overall treatment. As a patient that just didn't work for me and I knew I needed to be helped in a different way.

Dr. Wiegand is exactly what my back and neck ordered! Not only is he truly passionate about his work but he really takes the time to create a specific goal for treatment for each and every patient. He also uses traction which has help tremendously in the realignment of my neck! Not to mention he has his patients do exercises at home to maintain treatment during days when they are not at the office. His method of adjustment is amazing as well.

Being in the dental field I place a lot of stress and strain on my neck and back on a daily basis and really was hopeless about ever being out of pain until coming to Walk-In Chiropractic. They have truly proven treatment and I would recommend them to everyone looking for a superb chiropractor :) Not to mention his office staff is beyond wonderful...very helpful and accommodating!

....and they have 3 wonderful massage therapists :)

Mindi D'Elia

Sciatic Pain Relief Vanished for the First Time in a Year

In October 2010, I was diagnosed with Sciatica. It started as a pain in my lower back, then after a couple days, the pain traveled down my left leg until I had no sensation in my left foot. I was stiff as a board every morning and could barely bend over. Sitting at my computer was incredibly painful and standing for any length of time hurt even worse. After the MRI confirmed my condition, my regular doctor recommended physical therapy or Chiropractic care. This was 1 week before I was planning on taking my children to California for my daughter's dive competition. The referral process always takes a few weeks and since I needed an immediate fix, my only choice was a Chiropractor. I had only seen a Chiropractor one other time in my life. It was not a great experience and the Chiropractor pressured me to see him three times a week. At the time I was pregnant and had two little ones at home and knew that I wouldn't be able to commit to this demand of my time. Due to this experience, I was very skeptical about chiropractic care. I found Walk-In Chiropractic on my insurance website and it was the best medical decision I ever made. Dr. Aaron Wiegand and his staff were very welcoming and quickly responded to my pain and discomfort.

At each visit, Dr. Wiegand was thorough in evaluating my current reality and progress. Not only do they treat the pain, but Dr. Wiegand also has given me exercises since day one to work on spinal corrections at home. Prior to October, I was running, working out several times a week, and very busy with three children at home. Not being able to be active has been the biggest challenge. Knowing this, Dr. Wiegand has given me exercises to strengthen the spine and correct my posture. Plus, I never have felt pressured to be in the office a given amount of times per week. He has offered suggestions but has always been open to my schedule and constraints.

Day 1, I told my coworkers that I was going to see the "voodoo" doctor. After the first week, I was able to go on the California trip and walk around Disneyland. After a few weeks, I could feel my foot again. Within the first month, I could bend over with less pain every day. Now, this month, I have regularly been working out, even able to run again. It hasn't been an easy journey and I still struggle with some pain in the morning but with my chiropractic treatment, daily exercises to strengthen my posture, I am 100% better. The "voodoo" doctor is now a highly respected doctor who gave me back my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Wiegand for anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

Mona Toncheff

Scoliosis Pain Relieved After Chiropractic Care

Being from California, I have always lived a well balanced healthy lifestyle, and chiropractic care was certainly played a large role in my overall health and well being. However, I have been plagued with a condition called "scoliosis," which is a condition of the spine where it curves somewhat.

In my situation, chiropractic has always helped ease the sometimes debilitating pain of scoliosis. However, about the year 2000, I was at a vulnerable point in my life due to the chronic pain, that I sought treatment from traditional medicine. In 2005 after five years of spinal epidurals, morphine, Demerol, Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin to ease the pain, the medicine was killing me literally. The pain was becoming more aggressive by the day, and after taking more and more pain meds and muscle relaxers, I was on sixty three pills a day just to be able to "deal" with the pain. I told my doctor "no more pills," he looked at me strangely and told me, "You will have horrible withdrawals from the medications, let's put you in rehab first and see how it goes." I was furious, he was assuming I was an addict!

I never even had so much as a sweat or a shake from quitting cold turkey, probably because none of the medications were working anymore. I went straight to Hi-Health and bought several vitamins and thus put myself on the road to recovery. I gave my body good nutrition and supplements, I exercised, and then I found a great Holistic Health care doctor who was enthusiastic about my incredible recovery. After six months he told me to find myself a good Chiropractor and get my back, back under control. I was so excited that he didn't write me a prescription, that I almost fainted. He passed my test! So, I began looking for a good Chiropractor.
Shortly thereafter, I was blessed and extremely fortunate to make the acquaintance of Doctor Aaron Wiegand. He invited me to his office at Walk-In Chiropractic, and we began our journey of getting my poor old crooked spine back in line. What a relief to find not only a Holistic care practitioner but a Chiropractor too, who is passionate about helping his patients get well with healthy organic foods, regular adjustments and proper diet and exercise. It was like winning the lottery!

The body has amazing abilities to heal itself, sometimes it just needs a little help from you. You need to give it good fuel to energize and oxidize, and plenty of plain old water to keep itself well hydrated and lubricated. And a really good Chiropractor to keep you in line so to speak. If your spine is in line, all your organs, muscles and your brain will function at 100% capacity, making you unstoppable. You will feel so much better and be less susceptible to colds, flu and other diseases. Your digestion will work better, your sinuses will feel better, and headaches will be gone.

Doctor Wiegand formulated a treatment for my scoliosis that is really helping with the horrible chronic pain. With state of the art modern treatment, and traction that really works, I am happy to say that my pain is so much less than it was the day I came to Walk-In Chiropractic, and with each treatment I can feel the difference. I stand straighter, and I am now able to bear weight on my left hip which I could never do before.

I am very lucky to say, that if I ever do have a headache, drinking water will make it go away. Why? Because my health is good enough now, that I don't need anything other than a great healthy diet, vitamins and supplements, exercise, and Doctor Aaron Wiegand to keep me in line. At Walk-In Chiropractic you have the best of both worlds, a wonderful Chiropractor who is passionate about the health of his patients, and you have his expertise in nutrition and fitness. Have you hugged your Chiropractor today?

Susan R. Hogan, P.I.

Affordable care that I needed

I absolutely love N8 Touch, Dr. Wiegand, and staff. They are all absolute dolls with wonderful personalities. I've been to chiropractors before and have always had to schedule an appointment and use my health insurance which always had the $40 co-pay per visit. That was always so expensive and kept me from seeing a chiropractor when I really truly needed it. With Dr. Wiegand's plan for adjustments and massages I'm able to continually get the treatment I need instead of trying to make it through the pain until I can't stand it anymore like I did with other chiropractic care. I appreciate you, Dr. Wiegand. And I appreciate your high quality, hand-picked staff. I love you all.
Charity Wilcox

I wish the rest of me could feel this good!

Nancy Vanderhoof

Walk in Chiropractic appointments !!!

6 few months ago, I finally decided to do something about my lower back pain. I reviewed a few places near me, and R+R stood out as a top-ranked chiropractor in the area. Another significant incentive was the walk-in appointment schedule for those who have busy schedules. The property is clean and nice and the staff is friendly and welcoming The chiropractor is very knowledgeable and the session is tailored to my specific pain points. I've been 15-20 times now and notice a significant improvement in my back pain and actually enjoy these going!
Mark Licandro

No scheduling needed !

I love knowing that when my back or my neck starts acting up I can just walk in to R+R, see friendly faces, and get a quick adjustment from a knowledgable chiropractor to set me straight. I’m a Realtor and my schedule can change so quickly that I often have to change personal appointments once they are made and as a result put off scheduling them entirely. The fact that I don’t have to make an appointment, that I can just walk in when I need to, makes life with my crazy schedule that much easier to manage – and pain free too.

Cara Dankberg

No pressure with care plans!

I came in and just wanted an adjustment.I had gone to other Chiropractors, and the visits took over an hour.I always felt I was being pushed to come in more than I needed to. Dr. Wiegand has made it so I can get in, get out, and get on with my life. While he always gives me his recommendations, I never feel pressured into I don't think I need. I know I can come in without an appointment; any time. The staff is always helpful and friendly. Thank you so much.

Brad Beebe

So simple and easy

At R & R they make everything so easy. All I have to do is show up. The staff is friendly and very helpful in addition to being very efficient. I use the roller table, the decompression machine, get adjustments and the best part is the therapeutic massages that I get. I like the fact that you don't need an appointment for the services with the exception of the massages. You can just go in at your convenience. I am a regular at R & R, Dr. Wiegand and Emily (massage therapist) help to reduce my pain, stress and help to give me a better quality of life. I am so thankful that I started going to R & R.

Bert Zajac